Xiaomi Chinese vs Global Version | Which MIUI is Better for You?


Since its first launch, Xiaomi has been releasing its smartphones with 2 major versions: the MIUI Global ROM and the Chinese ROM. There are a lot of people who might wonder what their differences are and which one is best.

You’ve seen how good these phones are in the Xiaomi vs Realme guide, but let’s see how good these two versions are. The truth is that neither of them is better (kind of), they’re just different; directed toward different people.

Key Takeaways

  • Global MIUI
    • Developed for global use
    • Full Google services and apps support
    • It supports multiple languages but not Chinese
    • No Chinese Apps are included
    • Network bandwidths for other countries are also supported
    • The global version tends to be more expensive than the Chinese version
  • Chinese MIUI
    • Particularly developed for China
    • Supports every network band in China
    • This version is much cheaper
    • No Google services such as Play Store, YouTube, Chrome, etc…
    • Mostly has Chinese apps and almost all of them are in the Chinese language
    • Their features get more frequent updates compared to Global ROM.

What’s the difference between Xiaomi Chinese and the Global version?

Both versions are essentially the same software but they have some differences, too. Chinese MIUI is particularly developed for China while the Global MIUI is made for international users. They mainly differ in their applications, languages, and pricing.

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The Chinese version doesn’t support any Google Services among other apps and it’s much cheaper.

Important notes you should not ignore!

Note 1: Chinese ROM may be meant for China but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it outside of China.

Note 2: The Chinese version doesn’t have Google apps but you can still get them by downloading the Google Installer. In the Global version, you can obviously avoid all that trouble because they are already pre-installed.

In addition, if you flash the ROM or do a regular format, the Google apps won’t be retained like they do in the Global Version. You’ll have to download them from scratch.

Note 3: As far as their pricing is concerned, the Global ROM is much pricier so if you are on a limited budget, it would be better to just get the Chinese version and manually download the Google apps that you need.

Note 4: The Chinese version has its own app store which is very similar and large like Google’s Play Store.

Note 5: The Chinese ROM only has 3 languages: traditional and simplified Chinese, and English. As a result, their app store has a lot of Chinese words in there which can be pretty annoying if you only speak English.

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Note 6: The Global version doesn’t give you the option to change the font style of your phone. This is something that the Chinese version does really well.

Note 7: The Chinese ROM’s keyboards are not that great so it’s recommended to download and install new ones from Google Play Store.

Note 8: Chinese ROM comes with quite a lot of unnecessary apps if you don’t live in China. Also, many of their high-quality themes are locked and you need to purchase them with Mi credits. On the contrary, Global ROM offers all of them for free.

Note 9: The Chinese ROM can improve your battery performance. This is not happening because their battery is larger but rather because most of the Chinese apps are not using as many resources so they are not taxing the battery as much.

Note 10: The Chinese version has a built-in feature that can help you ROOT your device. In the Global version, you’ll have to download an external app to help you do that.

Note 11: Xiaomi is based in China and as a result, their Chinese ROMs get faster updates. The global version usually gets the same update with a delay of some days. This is clearly a benefit for the Chinese version but it’s not really a major one since a lot of their updates are not that significant.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, there is not a clear winner between the 2 versions. However, I have to admit that the price reduction that you get with the Chinese ROM is pretty tempting. Overall, they are both meant for different users.

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If you are an international user, you should surely go with the Global MIUI; while if you live in China, the Chinese MIUI is a no-brainer (you can’t use Google in China anyway so the Global version would be meaningless).

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  1. Hi thanks for the information
    I have xioami MI 11 chinese version and I have noticed the mms don’t work properly as the global version does.
    Some of the mms are delivered as a image speciality GIF
    Could you explain why is this?
    I live in Virginia USA

  2. Can i use the same xiaomi redmi account i registered in global ROM with China ROM? I mean, if i buy redmi phone with China ROM and i want to retain my former account, can i still use the initial account from my global ROM in Chinese ROM?

    • Yeah I am 99% sure that you can. You register in the Xiaomi website so it should work in all of their phones. However, you should log in and send them a support ticket just in case they have changed any of the rules recently.

  3. Xiaomi bought from China does not support enough network bands (say the most popular band 4), if I root it to a global ROM, do I get more bands?

  4. Hello I have the miui global version on a Chinese edition.
    Today I received the miui 13 update but seems to got bricked after. Now I am fixing it but should I go with the Chinese ROM or global in case it worked?

    • If you want, you can stay with the Chinese ROM and simply download Google Play Store. It will work just like the global ROM with only a few differences.

  5. Planning to buy a Global version in my country, Ill be leaving to japan for 3 years, Can i still use my Note 11 Pro Global Version there? and use their sim?

    • It should work as long as you use a cellphone carrier that’s supported by Japan. There are some Japan compatible versions on the internet. Make sure you check them out.

  6. MI 11 Ultra Chinese version supports English and Chinese. If Gboard (Google Keyboard) is installed, other languages can be used?

    As there is no factory installed global version (except Indian version). Global version is flashed on a Chinese version by unlocking boot loader. Therefore, please let me know, MI 11 Ultra Global version is based on which firmware/country?

    • Yeah, if you go to the keyboard languages, you can use other languages with Gboard. As for the MI 11 Ultra Global version, Xiaomi doesn’t tell us anything about the origin country and firmware. The global version is just made for people who live outside of China and that’s pretty much all about it.

  7. I have Redmi note 7 china ROM,(12.5.7 stable QFGCNXM) but it is very difficult to operates using google apps. i.e not supported, how to convert to global version and what is the matching global software version for the same and what are the steps to flashing it

    • You have to unlock the bootloader in order to do that. I am not an expert so take a look at this article: miaccountguide.com/how-to-change-xiaomi-phones-china-rom-to-global/

  8. Hey, do Xiaomi Chinese version support network in other countries, I mean if I use a SIM card in my region, can I get network access like normal? I want to buy a Chinese version
    I live in Tanzania

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