Which Brand is Better, Xiaomi Or Realme? | Complete Pros & Cons Guide

xiaomi vs realme

Recently, I was looking to buy a new budget smartphone and Xiaomi was one of the first options that came to my mind, as I have always wanted to try them for a change after many years with Samsung, but a lot of my friends were recommending me to get one from Realme instead. This debate is obviously much harder than the Huawei vs Oppo one, but still. So, after about 2 days of research, I eventually bought a Xiaomi Redmi 9C over the alternatives, and I thought to myself, “Why don’t I make a new article about these two brands to help people who are in a similar situation?”

To find out which one is the best, I compared them based on their pricing, battery life, service, design, and software/hardware. Both options have pros and cons, which is what I am going to analyze for you in this post. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the details to help you figure out which brand is the best.

Which brand is better, Xiaomi or Realme?

Realme phones offer higher camera quality and better customer service but Xiaomi is the better option overall by having slightly superior specs and battery. Their high market share allows them to give better products at a lower price which makes them a very attractive choice for customers on a budget.

As a result, I opted to go for Xiaomi and so far the results I am getting are great. I am not using it to do any heavy lifting since I don’t spend much time on my phone and even if I did, I wouldn’t expect it to perform very well since it is just an entry level phone. Of course, this is just my opinion based on what I could find on the web and I think you should buy your phone based on your needs, budget and the design you prefer.

As I previously mentioned the comparison was made based on the factors below:


Both brands have similar pricing when it comes to low-budget and mid-range smartphones but Xiaomi’s flagship phones are way more expensive with an average price around $700 than the Realme ones which will cost you about $500. Overall, the winner in pricing is Realme as the extra features that you might get from the high-end phones of Xiaomi do not really justify the higher price.


As for their batteries, both companies make large capacity batteries in comparison to their competitors such as Samsung or Apple (Check out: iPhone Battery Life Comparison). However, Xiaomi tends to produce batteries of higher mAh so they will last a few hours longer than Realme phones. As a result, Xiaomi is our winner when we compare their battery lives.


Here both of them tie as they offer Top-Quality customer service and support which is to be expected for sure considering the size of the companies. Although, Realme warranty does not cover accidental damage which is a pretty good feature that Xiaomi offers; it seems that they get overall higher ratings from their customers so I suppose they have better and more friendly staff in their Customer Centre.


Now this is purely subjective but I think that compared to Realme, Xiaomi phones look more attractive. Even though, there are some Realme smartphones that have amazing design. I think it depends on the version that you buy as the flagships of both brands look equally insane.

Software | Hardware

As I mentioned above, Xiaomi has slightly better specs than Realme if you compare their phones in the same price range. Both can support Google services and are provided the same processors (Snapdragon, MediaTek etc…) and chipsets to implement in their production. Further more, Realme User Interface is not as optimized as MIUI currently is which can cause problems to users who might push their phones a bit more than the average ones. Realme phones are equipped with better Cameras though so if you are solely interested in taking pictures with your phone do not invest into Xiaomi. Overall, Xiaomi is the way to go for performance and software.

Advantages and Drawbacks

Like any other brand, both Xiaomi and Realme have pros and cons. Nevertheless, I think that their benefits just outweigh their drawbacks so both brands can be a great fit for you.

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Below you can take a look at the details:

Xiaomi Pros – Cons


  • Xiaomi has one of the best custom ROMs and tweaking friendly devices.
  • They have a wide community known as Mi community and also the Mi forum which you can freely join and ask your queries.
  • Xiaomi has multiple product lines varying from water purifiers to table lamps and vacuums.
  • They have their own app store which is pre-installed on every device.
  • They have launched some pretty successful products in the past like Mi Band series which is a very popular and VFM fitness tracker and also a budget 4K Smart TV.
  • MIUI is a best in class UI design that has even won awards.
  • Regular updates which support even older devices.
  • Xiaomi has better ecosystem than Realme.
  • Reliable performance for at least 3 years.
  • Great Customer Service.
  • Monthly security patch for 2 years.
  • You get mi coins for all the purchases that you make from their website: mi.com.
  • They provide Mi Protect which is an insurance in case any damage occurs to your phone.
  • They have their own Xiaomi app called Mi Home.


  • Many customers have complained about the return and replacement policies of Mi.com
  • Mi Protect insurance can take around 1-2 months to get your phone repaired and you have to pay 5-10% of the repairing cost.
  • Stock is not big enough during Flash Sales and often retailers run out of stock within the first days.
  • Devices come with a lot of pre-installed bloatware and some not as useful Google apps (which you can uninstall at your will).
  • They run a lot of Ads similar to other companies that use android.

Realme Pros – Cons


  • Realme offers very affordable prices without dropping much of their quality.
  • Good software upgrades.
  • RealmeUI offers specific features like Dual Audio mode, etc.
  • Display quality of Realme devices is better than Xiaomi. (Not true for all devices though)
  • Realme Call me which is a pickup and repair service.
  • Realme devices come with high quality cameras.
  • Similar to Xiaomi they have Realme community and forums.
  • They also have realme.com website with similar services to Xiaomi.
  • Unlike Xiaomi, they have a larger stock during Flash Sales periods so they can avoid running our of stock in the middle of the sale.
  • They also have their Realme app called Realme Store which allows you to purchase products.
  • Excellent Customer Support & Service.
  • Less pre-installed bloatware than Xiaomi Devices.
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  • Users have complained that phones start getting ignored after they get 1 year old.
  • They have been very controversial over the years because they were critical of Xiaomi placing Ads on MIUI while they eventually did the same years later and called them “Recommendations”.
  • Unlike Xiaomi they have little to no custom ROM options, tweaks and mods support.
  • Many of their devices ship with MediaTek processors which are weaker than the Snapdragon ones.
  • RealmeUI is not as optimized as MIUI.
  • They don’t have any other Product Lines.
  • Releases a lot of devices with minor differences.
  • Fingerprint sensor or OS upgrades reception can occasionally face issues when their bootloader is unlocked.


To summarize, Xiaomi and Realme are both exceptional companies and I am pretty confident you will be left satisfied by either of them. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Realme is a bad brand, I just personally prefer Xiaomi over them. At the end of the day, both companies offer high quality phones of every price range so it will come down to personal preference. Let me know in the comments down below which one of these 2 you like the most. Until next time, stay safe everyone!

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  1. Do Xiaomi phones really overheat? Cuz I read reactions about Xiaomi phones and I’m starting to think that I should not choose this brand instead.

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