Razer vs HyperX vs Logitech: Who Has Better Peripherals?

The peripherals a gamer uses can greatly impact their gaming experience and help them to perform better in competitive play.

This article will compare three of the leading manufacturers in the gaming peripheral industry: Razer, HyperX, and Logitech.

We will evaluate their pros and cons to determine which company offers the best peripherals. Bookmark this article because you’re gonna need it in the future!

Key Takeaways

  • HyperX is a true competitor only in the headsets category. Sadly, their lack of variety in mice and keyboards is a big negative that we can’t ignore.
  • Logitech wins in the keyboard category but just until you cross the $80 mark. After that, the Razer options are way better in terms of quality and durability. HyperX offers better portability with its smaller keyboards.
  • For cheap headsets, HyperX and Logitech are excellent options. For high-end ones, you should definitely choose Razer.
  • For gaming mice, you can go either with Logitech or Razer. You’ll get similar specs and build quality. Choose based on the aesthetics and the pricing.

Razer Mice Pros

  • Razer has the most gaming mice. It currently has more than 50 and that number increases every year. They have better quality than Logitech and HyperX.
  • The shape and weight of Razer mice are optimized for any type of gamer, whether you need very precise control over your movements or you are left-handed. They have a lot of options for you.
  • The design of most mice is very minimalistic with just the snake logo and some RGB lighting. There are also models with simple and practical designs without much variety in colors.
  • Razer mice provide a comfortable grip which is always useful when gaming for multiple hours.

Razer Mice Cons

HyperX Mice Pros

  • The pricing of HyperX mice is quite friendly to people on a tight budget since you can get an entry-level model from a retailer for about $20. Additionally, their finest mouse costs less than $100 which is very unusual for a company that’s known for its quality.
  • HyperX gaming mice have a simple design that’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a gaming mouse. The vast majority come in 2 colors, black, and white.
  • Some models have a honeycomb design which is supposed to help reduce weight and increase airflow through the mouse.

HyperX Mice Cons

  • HyperX has a very limited selection of gaming mice(about 10). Therefore, your options are quite restricted.
  • There is a lack of customization options. This is also related to the HyperX NGENUITY as well which doesn’t offer as much as Synapse and G-HUB do.

Logitech Mice Pros

  • Logitech mice are widely used in offices and homes. They have a number of different models to choose from, each with a different set of features. You get as many options as with Razer.
  • Logitech has some models with a complex “transformers-like” appearance. This could be a benefit for some people, while also a drawback for others. I’ll leave it up to your judgment.
  • The pricing is about the same as HyperX’s. The main difference is at the high end where the former has some really strong mice when it comes to both features and build quality.
  • Options like the MX Vertical and Lift are some of the most ergonomically focused mice on the market. They are ideal if you have wrist issues.
  • Logitech mice come with removable weights which can be added or subtracted depending on your preference.
  • An excellent brand for people who want an abundance of additional macro keys on their mouse.

Logitech Mice Cons

  • The excessive amount of buttons makes some of their mice a bit harder to use. At times you may feel like you are about to accidentally press them.

Razer Keyboards Pros

  • Razer offers optical switches as an alternative to the traditional mechanical switches in keyboards. Therefore, when you press a key, a light beam quickly travels through the switch stem, signaling your computer to carry out the desired operation. As a result, you get zero debounce delay.
  • The wireless keyboards really stand out for their long battery life.
  • Some models such as the BlackWidow V3 Pro have an aluminum construction.
  • The keyboards that cost more than $60 have pretty good build quality.

Razer Keyboards Cons

  • Their pricing is quite expensive. The cheapest model, the Cynosa Lite has a starting price tag of about $40. The quality for that price is terrible.
  • The keycaps of cheap keyboards are low-quality. After some usage, the paint will likely go away. Check the picture of the Cynosa Lite above!
  • Keyboards like the Blackwidow Elite can have issues with the volume wheel at times.

HyperX Keyboards Pros

  • They are generally smaller in size compared to Razer and Logitech alternatives. Additionally, they don’t have a wrist rest so they are more portable and easier to store.
  • The most popular switches they use are the HyperX Red linear switches, which are a good fit for gamers looking for fast response times and durability.

HyperX Keyboards Cons

  • Just like with mice, there is not an enormous collection of keyboards to choose from.
  • They lack a wrist rest in all of their keyboards. If you do need one in order to type more comfortably, then you’ll have to purchase a separate one for about $15.

Logitech Keyboards Pros

  • Logitech has several keyboards available in different price ranges: from entry-level models with fewer features to more advanced versions.
  • They also offer ergonomic options for people who want to use their keyboard in an office environment as well as at home.
    • Take the Logitech ERGO K860 as an example. The keyframe is divided and bent to enhance typing posture, and it also has a wrist rest.
  • The prices of gaming and office keyboards are superior to that of Razer. In the price-for-performance category, Logitech definitely takes the cake since they don’t sacrifice as much quality in their affordable options.

Logitech Keyboards Cons

  • The switches are not very comfortable on the cheaper models.
  • Many users dislike certain Logitech keyboards because they have an unconventional layout and cannot be customized with custom keycaps.

Razer Headsets Pros

  • Razer headsets are more compact and lightweight. They won’t feel as bulky as those of HyperX and Logitech.
  • The sound-dampening of the earcups is sublime. You won’t be able to hear much of what is happening around you.
  • In terms of variety and pricing, they have a “cheap” option(Razer Tetra) you can consider, but keep in mind that this is an “on-ear” headset, so it’s not going to be the most comfortable.
  • When we compare their entry-level gear where the difference is a couple of bucks, Razer is actually cheaper than Logitech.
  • Their headsets have impressive durability. They will definitely survive the most falls if you compare them to Logitech and HyperX options. So, if you drop your headset too often, then I would recommend you go with Razer.
  • Like every Razer product, the design is very minimal.

Razer Headsets Cons

  • Some users may not like the simple design of the headsets. You generally don’t get to have as many color choices.
  • The high-end products are overpriced.
  • They might not necessarily be within your budget range since their pricing starts at about $40.
  • Razer headsets don’t have as many customization options like macro keys compared to Logitech.

HyperX Headsets Pros

  • HyperX uses high-end memory foam and soft, flexible leatherette in the ear cushions so you can do some serious gaming for many hours.
  • The manufacturers use aluminum framing so the headsets are pretty durable against “accidental” falls.
  • In terms of pricing, they have a headset for everyone. I might sound biased but even if you only have $20 to spend, they got you covered. Contrary to what they offer on gaming mice and keyboards, they also have premium headsets that cost up to $350 for those who can only settle for the best product in its category.

HyperX Headsets Cons

  • Overall, they have increased weight and the design is a bit bulkier than Razer.
  • HyperX also doesn’t offer many additional buttons on their headsets.

Logitech Headsets Pros

  • Subjectively speaking, Logitech headsets are more stylish with flashy colors and eye-catching layouts that will appeal to you if you want something that looks cool.
  • The ear cups are soft and comfortable to wear over long periods of time.
  • For certain headsets like the Logitech G935, you can assign many different macro keys using G-HUB. Therefore, you have multiple options for customization.
  • Logitech also has casual and cheaper headsets that don’t belong in their G series. These look quite simple and yet very elegant.

Logitech Headsets Cons

  • Bulky design with multiple buttons. Some people may prefer something more minimal.
  • Most of the options weigh about 350 grams, so your head might start hurting after some hours.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to their peripherals, Razer, HyperX, and Logitech have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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Ultimately, it depends on your personal liking and budget when choosing between these three brands. Let me know in the comments section if you need any product recommendations.

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