Panda Glass vs Gorilla Glass: Which Type is Better?

Nowadays, the majority of mid-range and high-end smartphones come with some version of the famous Corning Gorilla Glass. Recently, however, a new type of glass has emerged which is called Panda King Glass or also known as Panda Glass.

It originally came from China and some people think that it’s a good alternative to Gorilla Glass. In today’s article, we’ll analyze why some brands prefer it over Gorilla Glass and if it’s generally superior or inferior. Without further ado, let’s get started…

Key Takeaways

  • In theory, both glasses are similar but Gorilla Glass is more durable and expensive while Panda Glass offers less protection at a lower price.
  • Panda Glass offers excellent transparency and high-impact resistance. It costs less than Gorilla Glass and is used by some smartphone brands to reduce the final price of their products.
  • Gorilla Glass is more scratch resistant than Panda Glass.

What is Panda King Glass?

Similarly to Gorilla Glass, Panda King Glass (also known as Panda Glass) is an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass used as a cover glass for a variety of electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It was developed by a Chinese manufacturer called Tunghsu Group as an alternative option to Gorilla Glass.

Which is better, Panda or Gorilla Glass?

In theory, both glasses are very similar since they are manufactured using the same technology (alkali-aluminosilicate sheet glass).

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In reality, Gorilla Glass is more durable and hence more expensive. On the other hand, Panda Glass can offer your device significant protection at a slightly lower price.

Important Notes & Features:

  • Panda Glass is developed to prevent your phone’s screen from shuttering. It features increased resistance to scratches but not immunity. It offers excellent transparency and has high impact resistance which will eventually protect the screen from fall damage.
  • From what I have tested, Panda Glass seems to be less resistant when it comes to scratches.
  • There is a maximum number of meters that the phone can fall from and survive. Don’t expect to drop it from the 3rd floor and Panda Glass will miraculously save it. This just won’t happen.
  • The biggest benefit is that it costs less than Gorilla Glass.
  • Tunghsu Group claims that Panda Glass is at an internationally accepted advanced level. Just that statement suggests that its quality is inferior to Gorilla Glass. They don’t seem very confident to me.
  • A lot of smartphone brands are currently using Panda Glass instead of Gorilla Glass in order to reduce the final price of their products. Some of the most popular ones are Motorola, Nokia, and Fero Mobile.
  • The company behind Panda Glass is also known for manufacturing screen protectors.


It looks to me like Panda Glass is just a cheaper copycat. The difference is not so massive that you will notice it, though.

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Overall, Gorilla Glass makes your phone look more expensive and their price difference is insignificant. In the future, Panda Glass could get a new version that may surpass Gorilla Glass but until then, I stick with Corning.

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