NZXT H510 vs H510i vs H510 Elite Case: All The Differences

Back in 2019, NZXT released their H510 Mid-Tower cases with 3 model variants to choose from.

On launch, NZXT said that “We’ve made our iconic H Series PC cases even better” and 2 years later these PC cases have actually been a huge success with the H510 series becoming one of Amazon’s Best Sellers.

The main models released so far are the H510, H510i, and the H510 Elite. I should also add here that the H510i also has a gaming version which is called Phantom Gaming Edition but it is not currently available.

So, to get started, let’s take a look at their most important differences.

Design and Pricing

As far as design is concerned all the variants are identical in size with their dimensions being W: 210mm x H: 460mm x D: 428mm.

The only noticeable difference that the Elite version has is the Tempered Glass Front Panel but other than that you don’t have to worry about missing any other special design feature when choosing the cheaper version.

I wouldn’t say that these cases are for people on a low budget as their prices start from $69.99. For those of you who are looking for high-end products though, these cases will do an amazing job.

These are the starting prices for the brand-new products:

  • H510 = $69.99
  • H510i = $99.00
  • H510 Elite = $149.99

What is the difference between H510 and H510i?

The difference between H510 and H510i is that the latter includes:

  • USB 2.0 Internal Header
  • 2 integrated addressable LED strips
  • 2 Vertical GPU Mount Slots
  • Smart Device V2

Smart Device V2

This feature offers (3x the Fan channels with Max 10W per channel output, 2x RGB LED port support up to 4x HUE 2 addressable LED strips or 5x Aer RGB or Aer RGB 2 fans, and a built-in noise detection module).

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When it comes to H510 Elite which is the premium one you get what the H510i has to offer plus:

  • Tempered Glass Front Panel
  • 2 extra Fans (AER RGB 2 140mm)


Comparing these 3 cases can’t really give us a clear winner. It all comes down to your needs. Therefore, if you need a USB 2.0 slot or RGB in your PC case then you should buy the H510i. If you don’t need them though, I don’t see any reason you would wanna spend an extra $30.

As for the H510 Elite, you should consider it only if you want to make a fancy gaming PC Case or if you need the extra 2 Fans because you are planning to use software or something that will greatly increase your computer’s temperature.

If you buy the H510i and then buy the 2 AER RGB 2 140mm fans, your final cost will go above the Elite version. At the end of the day, it will probably come down to your budget and how much you wanna spend on your PC case.

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