Logitech G502 Mouse Drag Click: All You Need To Know

The Logitech G502 and its variations are considered some of the best gaming mice available today. However, they are not ideal for Minecraft players who are interested in high CPS(clicks per second) mice.

To achieve higher CPS, gamers have found some creative ways like drag-clicking and butterfly-clicking. They may not be very beneficial to your mouse’s longevity though.

In this article, I’m going to review the drag-clicking method of the Logitech G502 mice.

Key Takeaways

  • Drag-clicking is a method of mouse clicking where multiple clicks are recorded in a single drag.
  • It is used to improve performance in first-person shooter games, mainly by Minecraft players that do the “godbridge”.
  • The Logitech G502 mouse is decent for drag-clicking but it has a larger debounce time and cannot be modified via the Logitech software.
    • A good drag-clicking CPS rate is between 20-30 for short drag and 60-70 for long drag.
  • Drag-clicking can shorten the lifespan of the mouse. It is recommended to use the technique sparingly in order to prolong the mouse’s life.

What is drag-clicking?

Drag-clicking is a type of mouse-clicking where players record several clicks in a single drag. You can do it with both the left click and the right click.

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If your mouse isn’t reacting the way you’d like it to, drag-clicking is an excellent approach to ensure that your clicks are registered. You may be sure that drag-clicking will record every click you make.

Some players employ this method to enhance their performance in first-person shooter games. It is meant to improve your aim and is mainly used by Minecraft players to godbridge.

Can a Logitech G502 mouse drag-click?

Drag clicking is possible with the Logitech G502 mouse and all of its versions. You may customize it with the use of the G-Hub software to better suit your needs.

However, there is an important limitation which we’ll discuss down below.

How good is it for drag-clicking?

The G502 is decent for drag-clicking but it’s not great by any means. While it is feasible to use it to drag click, you will need to practice a lot to be effective because it has a larger debounce time and you cannot modify it via the Logitech software.

Additionally, you may need to use other methods like using packaging tape on the mouse buttons to make it harder for your fingers to slide.

For those of you who might not know what debounce time is; it essentially determines how closely clicks may be recorded.

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For instance, if it’s high, drag-clicking will be challenging because it depends on the mouse detecting closely spaced clicks. If it’s low (with 0ms being the best setting), you can register multiple clicks much easier.

If we were to talk factual numbers, with the G502, you can get anywhere between 5-10 CPS for a short drag and about 20 for a long drag.

What is a good drag-clicking CPS?

The best drag-clicking mouse is the Bloody A70 which can get about 40 CPS for short dragging and 100 CPS for long dragging.

Therefore, getting anywhere between 20-30 CPS for a short drag and 60-70 for a long drag is pretty good.

Achieving these numbers is quite hard though because most mice have high debounce times that can’t be adjusted by software. Nevertheless, there are a few great options with adjustable debounce time like the Glorious Model O.

How can I drag-click with the Logitech G502?

The video above fully demonstrates how to do this, but it basically goes like this:

Start by placing your finger where you typically would on the left or right mouse buttons to drag click. Drag your fingertips across the buttons after that while exerting little pressure. It’s important to also move your wrist.

Make sure you’re clicking on what you want to click on before doing this since it will make your mouse register a lot of clicks.

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It’s important to remember that this technique might be challenging at first, but with practice, you’ll be able to use it effortlessly. Having dry fingers is also quite significant.

Will drag-clicking damage my mouse?

Drag clicking shortens the lifespan of your mouse and harms the switches in particular. You could even damage the switches if you drag the click improperly or if you hit the triggers forcefully.

Think of it this way, every mouse can make up to a maximum number of clicks. The durability of the mouse degrades with each click and using that method results in a lot of clicks, which causes the durability to degrade even more quickly.

After about 6 months of drag-clicking, you can expect your mouse, no matter what brand it is, to start having click registration issues.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, due to its great control and quality design, the Logitech G502 mouse is a popular choice among gamers.

Users of the G502 are increasingly using the drag-clicking technique, which involves swiftly clicking and dragging your fingers over the buttons.

Although this approach has its uses, it should only be used rarely in order to prevent mouse trigger damage and prolong the mouse’s life.

Overall, learning to drag-click using a Logitech G502 mouse can enhance your gameplay, but it won’t compare to using a Bloody A70.

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