How do I Make my Screen Protector Sticky Again?

Using a screen protector on your smartphone might seem easy at first but if you are not careful enough, there is a chance that you will mess up the whole installation process and deem your screen protector useless.

It is known that these protectors are not reusable so if any dirt gets between the screen and the sticky side of the protector, it’s pretty much over.

Although, what if I told you that there might be a way to clean your protector and MAYBE restore its stickiness?

What if there were 2 methods that you can try before you throw away your protector? Let’s analyze some of the details…

How to make your Screen Protector sticky

In most cases, it will be impossible to rejuvenate your screen protector. However, there are two methods that you can use in order to try and restore its stickiness. They involve the usage of water, soap, a hair dryer, and packaging tape.

There is no guarantee that any of these methods is gonna work. They both work similarly so you can try them out before you throw your screen protector in the trash bin.

Method #1

  1. Place the sticky side under running water.
  2. Gently use soap to clean any fingerprints and dust. Then rinse.
  3. Use a hair dryer to dry both sides of the protector.
  4. If room dust lands on the sticky side again, turn the packaging tape into a loop and use it to remove any remaining dust.
  5. Place the protector back onto the screen.

Method #2

  1. Make sure that the AC or any fans inside the room are turned off.
  2. Remove the screen protector and wash it with a semi-wet towel.
  3. Take some packaging tape (a clear ultra-sticky one is highly preferred but the classic brown one can do the work just fine) and completely wrap the phone with it. This should remove all the dust and dirt from your phone. Use multiple pieces if there is, even more, dust remaining. 
  4. Do the same for the adhesive side of the screen protector. Remember that you don’t want any dust between the protector and the screen.
  5. Remove the packaging tape from the phone and the protector, line them up and let the protector fall into place.
  6. Press out any bubbles to the outside using cardboard. If you can’t get rid of the bubbles, a tiny drop of vegetable oil between the screen and protector will do the trick (use a cotton swab). Afterward, push the oil outside into a paper towel, and you are done.


In conclusion, there is no easy solution when it comes to fixing the stickiness of your screen protector as they are manufactured for 1-use only.

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It’s important to mention that even if one of the above methods turns out to work, it can never replace a brand-new screen protector.

It will be a temporary solution that might work for maybe a year or two but after that, you’ll have to replace your screen protector with a new one.

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