Headphones vs Headsets vs EarBuds: Which Is Best For You?

With so many options on the market, deciding if headphones, headsets, or earbuds are ideal for you may be challenging. But, have no fear, Lampros is here!

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of headphones, headsets, and earbuds to help you decide which one is ideal for your specific needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • In comparison to earbuds, headphones, and headsets provide a more immersive listening experience and more accurate and exact acoustics.
  • The most portable, cozy, and lightweight option is a pair of earbuds.
  • Headsets can be bulky and expensive, while earbuds may not provide the same level of sound quality.
  • Headphones with an open back or a semi-open back offer a compromise between isolation and outside noise reception.
  • When making a choice, take into account elements like portability, sound quality, and the inclusion of a microphone.

Basic Definitions For Beginners

What are Headphones?

Headphones have large ear cups that completely cover your ears, and typically have a band that goes over the top of your head to hold them in place.

Headphones can be wired or wireless and can come in a variety of styles, such as over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear(earbuds).

“Open-back” & “Semi-Open” Headphones

The majority of headphones on the market are “closed-back”, however, there are two additional categories of headphones that can offer you some more benefits. These are called, “Open-back” and “Semi-Open”.

  1. Open-back: In order to enable sound to flow through the back of the ear cup, open-back headphones include vented ear cups. As a result, it will be considerably simpler for the headphones’ sound to leak out and for outside noise to get inside the ear cups. These are especially helpful if you want to also listen to your surrounding while the music is playing.
  2. Semi-Open: Semi-open headphones are a fantastic choice for those looking for a compromise between isolation and soundstage since they strike a balance between closed and open-back designs. This type is definitely the go-to for me.

What are Headsets?

Headsets are similar to headphones but also have a built-in microphone that can be positioned close to the mouth for better voice recording quality.

What are Earbuds?

Earbuds, also known as earphones or in-ear headphones, sit inside the ear canal and provide a more discreet listening experience. They are the most portable, comfortable(the wireless ones in particular), and lightweight option for you.

Headphones Advantages

  • Headphones boast bigger speakers, resulting in a more detailed and precise soundscape than equally priced earbuds. This can improve the entire listening experience for music fans, particularly those who enjoy listening to the different instruments that are used in a song.
  • They provide a more immersive listening experience: The big ear cups completely cover your ears(except for on-ear headsets), allowing you to focus on your music or podcast.
  • Some headphones have noise-cancellation technology, which can help to eliminate background noise and improve the overall listening experience.
  • There are options that come with a detachable cable, which can be replaced if it gets damaged, making them more durable in the long run.
  • The absence of a microphone makes them cheaper than headsets.

Headphones Disadvantages

  • Headphones can be bulky and less portable, they are not as easy to carry around as earbuds.
  • They are typically more expensive than earbuds.
  • They are not as discreet as earbuds and might be more noticeable when worn in public.
  • Some people may find them hot and uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, especially during the Summer.
  • You may experience discomfort or pain in the ears and head depending on the quality of your headset. This is especially noticeable with budget-friendly on-ear headphones.
  • Sound leakage from the headphones can be a problem, especially with cheaper ones, and might be disturbing for others around you.
  • If you don’t clean them regularly, the ear cups may get dirty and smelly over time.
  • As mentioned in the “Waterproof Bose devices” article, most headphones are not water-resistant.
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It’s worth noting that, these cons might vary depending on the brand, model, and quality of the headphones you choose.

Buy Headphones if…

  1. You want to experience the full range of sounds and instruments in your music and want a more immersive experience.
  2. You are willing to prioritize quality over portability and can spend more on a better audio device.

Headsets Advantages

Headsets carry all the benefits that headphones have with a few extras since they have a built-in microphone. These include the following:

  • Hands-free communication: Because headsets include a built-in microphone, you can talk with people hands-free, making them great for video conferencing, phone calls, online gaming, and live streaming.
  • More Gaming Options: Many gaming headsets have capabilities like 7.1 surround sound, allowing you to hear where your enemies are coming from. This is especially useful to competitive players. The more expensive ones also include built-in volume control and mute buttons, which are quite helpful.
  • Detachable Microphones: Some headsets allow you to remove the microphone when you don’t need it; this function is handy if you want to turn your headset into headphones.

Headsets Disadvantages

Once again, headsets have all of the disadvantages that headphones have. There are also 2 additional drawbacks related to the microphone that I experienced firsthand when I bought my first budget headset. These are:

  • Microphone quality: Not every headset has a high-quality microphone; some may not; this can lead to poor audio quality during calls or recordings.
  • Durability: The microphone boom may be fragile and prone to damage; if it is twisted or damaged, you may need to replace it.

Buy Headsets if…

  1. You are a streamer, gamer, or professional who is going to utilize the microphone.
  2. You are the type of person who wants to be flexible and have the best of both worlds. If you don’t mind spending some extra money, just buy a headset with a detachable mic.

Earbuds Advantages

  • Portability: Earbuds are easily transportable in your pocket or backpack. They are excellent for those who need a discrete audio device they may use when traveling or exercising and are always on the road.
  • Cost-effectiveness: As I’ve already stated, earbuds are frequently less expensive than headphones and headsets, making them a smart choice for those on a tight budget.
  • Comfort: Some earbuds come with various-sized ear tips, which may aid to create a more pleasant and tight fit for various ear sizes. In order to prevent the earbuds from falling out of your ear when exercising, there are also variants with wingtips. Brands like Bose also have Sleepbuds which are designed to help with your sleep.
  • Battery life: Wireless earbuds have a battery life that may last for hours, making them quite practical if you wish to use them for prolonged periods of time without charging them. The same cannot be said for headphones and headsets, although, some brands do have a few options available for you to choose from.
  • Sweat and weather resistant: Most earbuds are designed to be sweat and weather-resistant.
  • Microphone: Depending on the price and the brand you choose, there are earbuds with built-in microphones. Nevertheless, their quality is nothing to brag about compared to what headsets have to offer.

Earbuds Disadvantages

  • Sound Quality: Due to their tiny speakers, earbuds may not offer the same sound quality as headphones or headsets.
  • Durability: Earbuds are tiny, and can be easily lost, or damaged. They are also more exposed to the environment, which over time may have an impact on how well they work.
  • Noise isolation: Earbuds may not offer as much noise isolation as over-ear headphones since they fit within the ear canal. This can be a problem if you wish to use them in a noisy setting because it might be more difficult to hear the music well.

Buy Earbuds if…

  1. You need something portable and compact because you’re constantly on the move.
  2. You need a less expensive audio device since you’re on a tight budget.
  3. You want something that’s small and discreet.
  4. You are looking for a device that you can use while working out.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s crucial to take your own needs and tastes into account while deciding between headphones, headsets, and earbuds. Before making a choice, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of audio device.

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I may sound biased, but, I would personally go for a pair of wireless earbuds as well as a headset. In my opinion, there is no real reason to buy headphones unless you plan on simply using them for music and movies while staying at home.

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