Does Apple Watch Come With a Charger? | All You Need to Know

While the Apple Watch is arguably the greatest smartwatch you can buy with multiple useful features like the Water Lock, one of the first considerations if you were to purchase it, would be whether or not it includes a charger in the package.

It does come with a charger, right? Well, there is a little bit of confusion when it comes to consumer electronics and their chargers since 2020.

By the end of this article, I promise you’ll have all your questions answered and basic guidance on what to do next.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple doesn’t include a power adapter in the box to protect the environment and help with the distribution of its products. Some older designs, like the Apple Watch Series 2, come with a USB power adapter.
  • Specific smartwatches may require a 20W or greater charger to support fast charging. Any third-party charger will also work for charging an Apple Watch.
  • The original Apple Watch power adapter costs $19.00 and can be purchased online or at select retail locations, but other brands offer similar adapters for half the price.
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Does Apple Watch come with a charger in the package?

When buying an Apple Watch, you may get either the Magnetic USB-A Charging Cable(for older models) or the Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable (for models from Series 7 and Series 8 onward) without the USB adapter.

So, you can’t effectively charge it unless you already have an adapter. When I say you can’t charge it, I mean through the wall socket. You can obviously charge it using your computer or a power bank.

Thankfully, some older designs, like the Apple Watch Series 2, also come with a USB power adapter so you may not purchase a separate one. To figure out if your Apple watch comes with an adapter, it’s highly advised to look at the given product description.

Why doesn’t Apple include a charger adapter in the package?

The power adapter is not included in the box, as Apple explained during its iPhone 12 announcement two years ago, mainly to protect the environment but also to help with the distribution of their products.

According to their statement, “the corporation can now supply stores more quickly and save annual carbon emissions by 2 million metric tons since 70% more electronics can fit on a shipping pallet on their route to users”.

What kind of USB power adapter do I need?

Typically, an Apple Watch needs a 12W USB power supply with either a USB-A or USB-C charging port. Specific smartwatches require a 20W or greater charger to support fast charging, however, any third-party charger will get the job done.

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You may utilize any USB-A port(e.g. of your PC or power bank) or charger by purchasing a USB-C to USB-A converter (fast charging will not be possible because of the USB-A standards’ power limitations).

How much does an Apple Watch power adapter cost?

The original Apple Watch power adapter costs $19.00 and can be purchased online or at select retail locations.

However, you can purchase any adapter with the same specifications from other brands for half the price and you’ll literally get the same result.

Final Thoughts

Although I found it strange that Apple stopped including the charger in the package, these power adapters are widely available, so ultimately it isn’t such a huge problem.

The details above should have clarified the Apple Watch’s charging condition. Do you find this to be useful? If there’s anything else you’d like me to cover, let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll be delighted to do so.

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