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In modern times, graphics card fans are essential for a GPU to function properly. They are the only reason your card does not overheat during the hot summer days. However, have you ever wondered if they operate like your CPU fans or any other fan for that matter? Well, that’s what we’re gonna discuss in today’s article. Let’s dive into the details.

Do GPU Fans Pull of Push the Air?

The vast majority of graphics card fans will PULL cold air from your PC case into the GPU (Intake Fans). This is the main reason why GPU temperature is highly affected by the weather and your average room temperature.

Important Notes:

  1. Fans that push the warm air out of the GPU and into the PC case are called “Exhaust Fans”.
  2. Every fan operates the same. They pull air from one side of the fan and they push it to the other side. All the fans on the market come with arrows on the side that show the direction of the spin and the air. Therefore, you can turn any fan into either intake or exhaust if you want to.
  3. The big negative of “intake” fans is that they pull all the air dust into the heatsink so your GPU becomes quite dusty. Try to keep your PC case as clean as possible to avoid that.
  4. It’s recommended to avoid setting your GPU fans to 100%. This will reduce their lifespan and you’ll need to replace them much sooner. Try to find a balance between GPU temperature and fan speed. (Preferably below 50%)


That’s all for now. You are now aware of how your GPU fans work. They are the complete opposite of your CPU one. However, if you have any more questions, do not hesitate for a moment to ask them in the comments down below. I’ll see you in the next Quick Response! Have a nice day!

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