Your Chromebook Keeps Shutting Down? | Here’s How To Fix It

There is a fair number of reasons why your Chromebook randomly shuts down. And you are not alone. Hundreds of people have experienced the same issue.

But finding a solution that will actually fix your issue may be time-consuming when you have to scroll through plenty of forums.

So, we did it for you and collected those solutions that have reportedly worked for other people, and it is very likely they are what you are looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • Overheating is the main reason why Chromebooks shut off. To check if overheating is the issue, check the internal temperatures and check the CPU fans and air intake for dust or clogs.
  • To determine if malware or bugs are causing you an issue, try running the Chromebook in Guest Mode.
  • Check the battery level and try using a different adapter to see if that resolves the issue.
  • If the problem is with the RAM, it may need to be repaired or replaced.

Why Does My Chromebook Keep Shutting Off?

The main reason why Chromebooks keep shutting off is overheating. This happens to all laptops and they shut down to cool off and save the internal components for possible damage.

However, there are more reasons that may cause this issue, and they are mostly related to software, hardware, or user error.

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Below are some of the most common reasons why this issue happens.

Malware – Virus – Bug

Chromebooks just like all laptops may experience sudden shutdowns when they are infected with a virus or malware or there is simply a bug in one of the applications.

Solution – Guest Mode

To figure out if that is the reason for the issue, run your Chromebook in Guest Mode. To do so, exit your main account and then click on the “Guest” button on the login page (bottom left).

You can log in without the need to make a new account, and you can use Chrome for any purpose you have. Check to determine whether the random shutdowns are still happening.

If not, it’s probably because you installed a Play Store app on your primary account or a Chrome extension that’s malicious. Keep disabling apps and extensions until the issue stops.

If it does, completely remove the app or extension that is causing it.


As I mentioned, one of the reasons why your Chromebook shuts down by itself is overheating. They automatically shut down when the temperature goes past the limit.

If this situation is repeating, you should check the temperatures by typing “Diagnostics” in the search bar and going to “Settings”. It will show you a live graph of all the temperatures of your device.

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If the internal temperatures are above the limit, you should check the CPU fans as they may be malfunctioning or not functioning at all. Also, check if the air intake is clogged.

Large concentrations of dust can cause your Chromebook to overheat. Always make sure you keep air intakes as well as other sockets clean from dust and moisture.


Another reason is the battery. It may be an internal issue (of the battery itself) or the power adapter. It’s important to check the battery level.

If it is low even though it is plugged in, use a different adapter and check if your device keeps shutting down. If the issue persists, then the problem is the battery itself and should be replaced.


Poor RAM can result in random shut-offs. You probably can’t solve this on your own unless you have a well-equipped workspace. Send it back to be mended or replaced if it’s still covered under warranty.

If it isn’t covered by a warranty, you might ask a nearby repair shop to examine it and possibly fix it. If you choose to go that route, request a quote before they begin to address the issue they believe exists.

Next, compare prices. It’s possible to get a new Chromebook for less money than it would cost to repair your present one so keep that in mind as well.


On laptops in general and also Chromebooks, a sudden shutdown or activation of sleep mode may result from contact between a magnet and the keyboard’s bottom corner. Magnetic bracelets should be avoided.

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The magnet’s close contact produces a situation that is identical to that which corresponds to the screen closing with an immediate stop or sleep.


Repeating shutdowns as well as reboots could be caused by damaged electronics on the motherboard. This issue also requires a technician to get your Chromebook fixed.

However, keep in mind that, once more, fixing the issue could be proven more expensive than buying a new Chromebook in case the entire motherboard needs to be replaced.

Final Thoughts

There are obviously more than only 5 reasons why your Chromebook is repeatedly shutting off. Some of those issues are as simple to fix as taking off your magnetic bracelet.

But if none of the above suggestions fixes your issue, then the best option you have is to take your Chromebook to a technician.

Overall, the technician will more likely charge you just for addressing the issue whether you decide the issue is fixable or you purchase a new laptop.

But either way, when the issue is as severe as damage on the motherboard, purchasing a new Chromebook is the most reasonable thing to do as your laptop may appear other issues soon.

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