BlitzWolf BW-CM2 Microphone Honest Review: The Budget King?​


To answer the 1 million dollar question “Is the microphone worth it?”, I would say 100% yes.

You cannot find a package with all the accessories and a microphone that is Plug & Play and sounds pretty decent; all at the same time and at this specific price range.

There were other Microphone kits at the same price and even lower but the sound quality was just terrible.

However, what sounds good and what doesn’t is highly subjective so I’ll leave that choice to you. Overall, the microphone is ideal for YouTube, podcasts, and conference calls.


  • Affordable Price for the whole system kit
  • High-quality Condenser that gives clean audio
  • A durable boom arm made of metal
  • It’s Plug & Play
  • It has very little to no interference due to the Magnet Ring and Double Shielding of the USB
  • Compatibility with every operating system and even smartphones


  • It adds a lot of echoes if you are more than 30cm away from the microphone
  • The shock mount gets the job done but it’s not really great
  • The filter decreases the audio quality by a lot

Price and Packaging

BlitzWolf is no stranger when it comes to inexpensive products which can still deliver a high-quality sound. The BW-CM2 Condenser microphone falls under that category and I couldn’t be happier we chose to purchase it.

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My sister and I bought it for our gaming videos on our YouTube Channel but it can work for podcasts and maybe even recording a song. To be honest with you, we had very low expectations at first since we bought the whole kit for 37€ from Banggood (a crazy discount) but so far it hasn’t failed to deliver great results.

At the moment you can find the BlitzWolf BW-CM2 at Banggood for approximately 50€. The retailer tends to hold flash sales pretty often so keep an eye out for further price reductions in the near future.

And of course, you might wonder “What do I get for 50€?” or “Is it worth it?”. Well, let’s analyze everything that’s included in the package first:

  • BlitzWolf® BW-CM2 Condenser Microphone
  • Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand
  • Metal Shock Mount
  • Nylon Filter
  • Foam Mic Windscreen
  • Table Mounting Clamp
  • USB-B to USB-A Cable
  • User Manual

As you can see, you can get the whole package for that price. You get the Microphone, a Scissor Arm Stand, a Shock Mount, a Windscreen, and pretty much all you need to get started. Nevertheless, if you don’t need any of that and just want a single microphone then you’ll be better off with something like the famous Razer Seiren from Amazon.

Benefits and Quality

  • Its price is very affordable for the quality that it offers. It’s hard to find a better shopping deal than that.
  • The microphone has a cardioid Polar Pattern and a Sampling Rate of 192KHZ/24Bit which can offer high-resolution audio. I am not an expert but I can tell that it sounds pretty damn good for its price.
  • It’s plug-and-play which is the major reason we bought it. It comes with a 1.8m USB 2.0 type B to type A cable so you just plug it into your computer and you are ready to go. Other microphones required an external audio card to operate properly.
  • The USB cable has a Magnet Ring and Double Shielding to reduce interference. So far I haven’t experienced any interference even though my phone is next to the microphone so I suppose it’s because of these two.
  • It comes with a 16mm Electret Condenser Transducer which increases the bass response so your voice will sound a bit more bassy.
  • It’s compatible with all Operating Systems
  • The filter and the foam windscreen will make you sound very clear and they won’t pick up a ton of background noise.
  • The Boom Arm is metallic and feels very durable. It can easily hold the weight of the microphone. I bet it’ll last a long time!
  • You can even connect it to your phone. Yes, you heard that right! If you have an OTG Adapter, you can use it with your smartphone.
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Overall, the sound is pretty good and the background noise levels are very low. In order to hear how the microphone sounds, make sure you check out our unboxing video on YouTube to see if this is the right microphone for you:


As I previously mentioned, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for BlitzWolf, although, these drawbacks are not extremely significant (at least to me). The USB microphone has the following drawbacks:

  • The shock mount is not really great as it’s supposed to protect the microphone from contact using suspensions but if I move my desk even a little bit, it makes some weird sounds like I am hitting the mic. They are not extremely noticeable, but still, it could be better!
  • When you are standing at a distance of less than 20-30cm from the microphone, the audio is crystal clear and perfect. If you go further than that, it starts adding quite a lot of echo. Other more expensive microphones can handle the distance better but at that price range, it’s expected to have that specific issue.
  • Its volume is a bit lower than other microphones so when you start editing the clip, you’ll have to sacrifice a slight part of the quality by boosting up the audio. It’s not too much, I am talking like 3db audio boost.
  • The filter substantially decreases the quality of the audio. I wouldn’t recommend you to use it with the filter on unless you absolutely have to.
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