5 Best Game Price Comparison Websites (Bargain Finders)

While browsing for the best places to buy games online, I noticed that there was not a single article talking about the websites that compare the prices of not only games but also platforms.

What if there were some platforms that already did that comparison for you and just provide you with the result?

Well, in this article I will highlight the, in my opinion, 5 best and most reliable game price comparison websites.

The 5 best game price comparison websites are
  1. Allkeyshop.com
  2. Gocdkeys.com
  3. DLCompare.com
  4. GG.deals
  5. Bestgameprice.net


Allkeyshop is more than 10 years old and I’ve been shopping using their website for years. I still can’t believe how much variety they have.

It’s not just the fact that they have pretty much every game for almost every platform(PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch) but also the great number of stores that they feature.

Additionally, they have a browser add-on that displays the top offers anytime you are looking at a game page on websites like Steam, Origin, Uplay, and others.

I really appreciate the rewards program they provide, which includes a daily chance to spin the wheel of fortune and win a gift. Simply link your Steam account to get started.

Allkeyshop has been reviewed by many customers on TrustPilot, where it has, at the moment, an astonishing rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on nearly 800 reviews. Most people say they are happy with their interactions with the company.

The only negative thing I have found here is the lack of FREE Games. They do have some, but these usually require you to have some type of subscription such as PS Plus and Amazon Prime.


  • Great variety of games and stores.
  • Reward System.
  • Excellent TrustPilot reviews.
  • Browser extension.


  • No free games


Most bargain-finder websites in the gaming industry are about just games, some software, and maybe gift cards.

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Gocdkeys enables you to compare the costs of video games (on either a PC, Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch), as well as hardware (yep, you read that right) and consoles, in a number of the finest online stores out there.

They have an enormous collection of stuff but I do wish that Gocdkeys had some sort of reward program. They also don’t have many FREE games so you’ll have to find those manually.

Other than that, I have no complaints. The site has a carousel of the best live offers, which are always changing depending on what the cheapest offer is. The reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive with a 4.1/5 rating. Some people complained about the Wheel of Fortune which eventually got removed.


  • You can compare hardware prices.
  • Large collection of games.
  • Great reviews on TrustPilot.


  • No reward program.
  • Low variety of free games.


DLCompare has been around for over a decade and I was honestly impressed by the huge variety of stores it has, including Eneba, Kinguin, and Gamivo.

But what is also interesting about DLCompare is that apart from comparing games, they also compare software. So, if you are looking for the best prices in Windows or Antivirus, you should check it out.

However, do not expect much variety there as they only compare Windows versions, Antivirus programs, and other similar products. But if that is all you are looking for, it is a good option for you.

One more thing that drew my attention is that they offer games for plenty of different platforms, including older ones such as PS2 or even 3DS and Wii-U. Additionally, it has several discount codes on games which will save you some dollars as they can go up to -14% off.

Nevertheless, one major drawback around that is that if you visit their site from your phone, you cannot easily see which stores have coupon codes unless you tap on the store and then on the “i” icon that appears on the left which is quite tricky and you cannot really compare the prices if you cannot see the discounts right away.

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On the bright side, they offer rewards where you can win FREE GAMES and FREE GAME CARDS from time to time. Just keep an eye out for seasonal events.


  • Great reward system where you can win free games and game cards.
  • Many different platforms + old ones like PS2 and 3DS.
  • You can compare the prices of software.


  • Ease of use when browsing the website on phone.



GG.deals is a great place to compare prices because they have lots of stores while also making sure that everyone has access to these deals by offering probably the highest coupon discounts(up to -25% while most sites have up to -14%) I have seen.

However, they only compare games and a few gift cards so if you are looking for some computer software, this is not the place for you.

The voucher area at GG.deals makes it very easy to navigate through the coupon codes. You can search by category or browse through all the available offers at once. The coupons are updated frequently and are easy to use.

The biggest downside is that they don’t have a rewards program, like Allkeyshop for example.


  • Big discounts with voucher codes.
  • Great variety of games and stores.
  • You can compare gift card prices.


  • No rewards program.
  • No free games area for easy navigation.


Bestgameprice.net has a really nice interface. It is easy and fast to navigate through the different categories. They have an app so there’s no need to visit their website exclusively from your browser when you are away from home.

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Another plus for me is that they have a Freebies category which includes tons of free games to download and that is something very few game price comparison websites have.

Furthermore, they have a verified discord bot so you can compare game prices even on your Discord server. At last, they provide really good statistics for their games, including price history, active player count, average playtime, etc.

Honestly, it is quite a decent platform but it has some major cons. To begin with, there is a smaller variety of stores but that is because they only compare authorized sellers which is good when it comes to reliability, but, on the other hand, it makes the website quite limited in terms of options.

There is no rewards system like on some of the other websites which are not absolutely necessary but it would definitely give it an extra advantage to compete with them.

Additionally, some work needs to be done when it comes to applying search filters for codes from GOG, Origin, Epic Games Store, etc.

Finally, they have no voucher codes, unlike other price comparison websites. That, in my opinion, is probably one of their biggest weak spots.


  • Smartphone application.
  • Discord Bot.
  • Useful game statistics.
  • Highly reliable official stores only.


  • No key stores like Eneba, Kinguin, etc.
  • Voucher codes.
  • No DRM filters.


Price comparison sites have taken the internet by storm over the last few years, offering shoppers many benefits of competition yet protecting them from the hassle and headache of price shopping.

Each site is reviewed from the standpoint of potential gamer customers rather than attempting to discriminate between titles or offer value judgments on any particular one.

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