Alienware PCs & Peripherals: 9 Vital Things to Know

Alienware is an iconic name in the world of gaming, even though, it may not be the most popular one due to its high pricing. If you’re reading this, you’re likely curious to learn more about their PCs and peripherals.

In this article, we will take a look at 9 things you should know about Alienware computers and related peripherals.

Key Takeaways

  • Alienware desktop PCs can be upgraded, but there may be space limitation issues when upgrading to a larger GPU due to the small size of Alienware cases.
  • To change the RGB colors on Alienware laptops, navigate to the FX tab in the Alienware Command Center.
  • Alienware laptops can run without a battery, but it is advised to keep it in as it serves as a UPS backup.
  • Alienware monitors do not have a built-in crosshair overlay, but software like HudSight can be used to add one.
  • Their laptops do not typically have touch screens, as the brand primarily focuses on gaming.

Can Alienware desktop PCs be upgraded?

Yes, you can upgrade any hardware you wish on your Alienware computer as long as the motherboard supports it. It’s the same just like in any other desktop setup. However, you will run into space limitation issues once you try to upgrade to a larger GPU since Alienware cases are quite small in size.

With models like the R11, R12, and R13 in particular, the Aurora series has some of the best-looking PCs, but their limited space might be a drawback.

Keep in mind that Alienware motherboards are exclusively made for their PCs so if you wish to upgrade it with a third-party one you may run into issues.

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The OEM PSU and the MIO (Master Input/Output) would be the main concerns when upgrading. The MIO is usually the worse problem since without it, you won’t have any lights, fans, or vents.

How to change the RGB colors with Alienware Command Center

For laptop users

You can change the colors of your Alienware keyboard and logo(Alien head) by navigating to the FX tab in the Alienware Command Center. If you wish to switch between the settings of the keyboard and the logo, click on the square button at the top right of the window.

You can customize the general lighting with effects such as a rainbow or (for the keyboard) you can assign a color to the specific key that you wish by using the Macros tab.

For desktop users

By going to the FX tab in the desktop version of the Alienware Command Center, you may modify the RGB colors of your case. If you have other Alienware peripherals such as keyboards or mice, they will also have their own buttons at the top right of the window to customize them separately.

Alienware laptops can run without a battery

You can use any Alienware laptop without a battery. Plug in the AC adapter and use that to power the system.

This could ultimately improve the battery life, although, it’s advised not to remove the battery as it can work as a UPS backup that protects your PC from power cuts and surges.

Can Alienware monitors be mounted?

Yes, it is possible to mount Alienware monitors using a normal VESA 100×100 connector.

I have to admit that the stand release button on the monitor enables easy installation and removal of the stand without the need for any tools. Similar to the monitor stand, Dell also sells monitor arms.

For further details, see the website’s Monitor Accessories page. Overall, the whole process of mounting and dismounting the monitor is pretty straightforward if you use Dell monitor arms.


Depending on the size of the VESA adapter plate, spacers may be needed if a third-party VESA mount is utilized. Some arms feature a little VESA adapter plate that can fit the monitor’s recess.

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Other arms might require spacers to push the larger VESA adaptor plate out of the way in order to prevent interference with the housing.

Do Alienware monitors have a built-in crosshair overlay?

Unfortunately, there is no built-in crosshair overlay on Alienware displays. You’ll need to use a different brand that supports it or software like HudSight to add a crosshair overlay to your screen.

This is a fantastic choice if you play FPS games on your display because it will let you pull off some crucial no-scope maneuvers.

How to check the hardware temperature in Alienware PCs

You can easily check the temperature of your hardware by using the Alienware Command Center. Simply open the application and head to the FUSION tab.

In addition, you can overclock your GPU, CPU, and RAM. It has pre-set controls for overclocking.

They make overclocking relatively simple because the program will run tests that will let you know if your system is stable with the current settings.

Do Alienware desktops have HDMI ports?

Yes, Alienware desktops do have HDMI ports. They are designed for gaming, so they’re equipped with HDMI ports to connect your desktop to a monitor or TV.

Depending on the graphics card your computer has, you may have more than one HDMI port as well as a few Display ports which you can use for the same purpose.

Do Alienware laptops have a touch screen?

Alienware isn’t known for manufacturing touch-screen laptops. The brand only ever produced two laptops with that feature. These are the old Alienware 15 and 17.

They no longer make such laptops since their main focus is on gaming and having a touch screen doesn’t really contribute to anything.

If you are looking to buy a laptop with a touch screen, I wouldn’t recommend you to get an Alienware one. Lenovo, Asus, and HP have very decent alternatives to consider.

How to fix the yellow light of death on Alienware Alpha and Steam Machine

You can fix the yellow light of death by completing the following steps:

  1. Remove the four screws on the bottom, and the top and bottom plastic covers will separate.
  2. There is one screw on the bottom that holds the 2.5 HDD chassis in place; remove it and slide the hard drive chassis off.
  3. Pull the two fan baffles off the CPU/GPU while looking downward at the top of the motherboard. Leave them hanging if you want.
  4. Unplug the two wire harnesses for the lights at the front. Before taking out the wire, make note of its orientation and, if necessary, take a photo.
  5. There are 2 screws in the extreme rear corners of the top; remove them, then push down and out on the back bezel with some pressure.
  6. Now that the motherboard has been lifted up, you can see your battery underneath. It is yellow and has a connector that is attached to the motherboard; you should unplug it for 10 minutes before replugging it in.
  7. Hit F2 on the keyboard when the popup prompts you to enter the BIOS after reassembly. Simply save and exit from the BIOS.
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Don’t worry if it makes the five yellow blinks the first time you try to switch it back on.

You only need to do the power drain by unplugging the power brick from the wall and the console for five minutes, then press and hold the power button for one minute before attempting to restart it.

Thereafter, press F2 to enter the BIOS, save, and exit. Now hopefully, your problem should be fixed if you’ve performed all the steps correctly.


Generally speaking, Alienware produces reliable PCs that can be easily upgraded in the future and will run any game you throw at them, regardless of how visually demanding.

However, as you learned in this article, they are not the best option for everything. They don’t have monitors with a built-in crosshair or any worthy laptops with touch screens.

The Alienware Command Center is a nice step in the right direction for checking the hardware temperatures and it actually makes overclocking pretty simple.

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